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About Rare Form Workshop

For 35 years, David McMullin has evolved his craft of fine woodworking. By nature, he is an artist; by training, an engineer. These complement each other in his precision, hand-crafted functional art furnishings. He has dedicated himself to honing his skills, outfitting a professional-grade shop with quality tools, and furthering his professional development most recently through the renowned Center for Furniture Craftsmanship in Rockport, Maine. 

In late 2018, David left his position as a Principal Engineer to open Rare Form Workshop, the next step in a very deliberate path. Life has variously seen him live in locales from rural to urban, spend time in different countries, serve in peacetime and wartime in the US Navy and in civilian life as a communications engineer, and raise a family. These experiences provided him rich access to many compelling settings in nature, exposure to a range of art galleries and studios, and contact with a wealth of design styles, materials, and artisans. David has formed his own signature style based on these varied influences, resulting in truly rare forms. His high-caliber handwork, eye for detail, and tasteful inclusion of natural and artistic elements distinguish his exquisite pieces. 

We invite you to tour his online gallery and inquire about designing a rare form piece for your home.

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